A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

A hotfix has been issued to solve a bug involving Teemo that would loop you through Teemo scenes over and over again or end the game prematurely! Please download the new version if you don't have the Teemo hotfix. Sorry!

Additionally, a single-file patch that fixes an issue where saves mid dungeon cannot be loaded is available, simply replace the folder renpy/game.py with the patch file, included below.


At Summoner's Academy located in the city of Demacia, a cohort of students with one common interest create the high school's first League of Legends club. The game warps the players inside a virtual reality using a digital headset produced by Rito Games. All is well until an evil self-proclaimed genius hacker thwarts the corporation's success by infiltrating a highly encrypted glitch into the system! With a countdown of 7 days set by the perpetrator, the distressed CEO puts up a reward of 1 million Rito Points (a currency within the game) to unearth the miscreant in conjunction with sending out the company's own specialized hacker force. If the villain claims victory, League of Legends will be terminated forever.


Thank you to everyone who has stuck around through the whole 4 month journey.

We started off as an ambitious volunteer group attempting the NaNoRenO game jam in March, but the project soon took off and got extended until June development. It was a rigorous ride, but we're finally pleased to announce that we've finished the game, albeit no QA testing. There will be bugs, issues, and occasional crashes. However, we're hoping you'll look past it and enjoy what we were able to put together! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Version 1.0 includes the entire dungeon, start to finish, with some dialogue. We also included some missing voice actor lines (although we weren't able to get all of them).

No further content will be added to the game! Although it was an... exhilarating experience, most everyone on the team has moved on to different obligations, though some developers are still available to make quality changes and bug fixes to come in a version 1.1! This was built by a community of fans of League of Legends, and hope that this will be a testament to how much we love LOL!

For those who get confused during the game, we have a list of bugs. It might clear some air on why there are inconsistencies or contradicting events.



Summoner Sweetheart 1.0 (Windows - Teemo hotfix) 323 MB
Summoner Sweetheart 1.0 (Mac - Teemo hotfix) 322 MB
Summoner Sweetheart 1.0 (Linux - Teemo hotfix) 322 MB
Dungeon save patch 3 kB